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New Horizons
Business Development

1 – Who do we help?

Small to medium sized business owners that are stuck in their businesses and feel they don’t have enough time. Perhaps you have hit a ceiling and want to grow or maybe you're stressed out and need a fresh perspective on what to do next.

2 – What are some of the common problems we help solve?

Lack of clarity and focus, not enough time, employee issues,  stalled growth, lost passion, exit and succession planning, team leadership development, personnel assessments, and strategy development.

3 – How does New Horizons help you, the business owner?

We offer a proven process to build your business's value by improving on key organizational elements. We are focused on the development of robust business operating systems. We will help you provide clear direction to your people so they know what to do even when you are not there.  We can lead you through a practical approach to get you working on the business instead of in the business all the time.

4 – How are we different or better than our competitors?

We deliver (1) Growth in sales, profit, customers and market.  (2) Structure for your operations and the processes to provide your people leadership and clear direction.  (3) Qualitative, simplified and documented processes so that your “secret recipes” can be passed on.  (4) Succession plans for your family or new ownership. (5) Freedom of time and opportunity to pursue more business or whatever your passions might be.


We work with business owners to help you build your business valuation and growth through our proprietary processes and owner engagements.

Our Team

A little background...


Andrew Allen BBA,SCMP, CPBC

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurial business owners get what they want from their business – profitable growth, effective and accountable people, and more control over their time.  My goal is to work with you to ensure you get what you want from your business and personal life, the freedom to do what you want when you want.

I know first-hand how difficult it can be to run a great business.  That’s why I’m so enthusiastic  about leveraging my skills and experience to help my clients achieve their vision, execute their plans and enjoy a great work-life balance. My focus is all about helping you build lasting value for your business. 

My business experience encompasses a history of success in turnaround situations, acquisition integrations, restructuring and business improvement in various verticals in the B2B and B2C sectors.  Throughout my 30 year career, I have built and run small to mid-sized enterprises as well as national organizations ranging in revenue from $5.0 M to over $250.0 M. 

I have always enjoyed creating and deploying novel business strategies while teaching and coaching people to new heights.  Over the years I have developed a thorough knowledge of business processes and systems.  And that these standards are a requirement to ensuring a business’s success.  My enthusiasm for personal development, teaching, and leading teams to new levels of performance has led me into the field of professional business coaching. 

Perhaps you have hit a ceiling or roadblock on your journey to grow your business.  Maybe you are tired of working too many hours or not enjoying things as much as you once did. Perhaps you’re looking for a plan to exit or transition.  Whatever stage you’re in or issues you are facing, I’m confident we can craft a solution to help you.  I will always strive to meet you wherever you are on your journey. So let’s start the process with a conversation...

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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