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Learn How to Double the Value of Your Business !

               Don't Miss This Free Webinar              

   Wednesday, December 21st - 11:00 am EST 

In Just 60 Minutes, You Will Learn

  • What data from over 65K companies says about the value of your company

  • How you can double the value of your company

  • How you can get twice the offers when you go to market

  • How to view your company through the eyes of a potential buyer

  • Why it's not only about your net profit or EBITDA

  • How to accelerate the process of building value in your company

Presented by Andrew Allen
Founder of New Horizons Business Development

As a certified Value Builder, I help business owners find innovative ways to grow and prosper.  My years of experience in turnarounds, acquisition integrations, operating and building companies has given me significant insights into how I can help you maximize the value of your business.  This will give you the time and freedom you desire. Sign up now for the Webinar to find out how we can help you grow your company value in 2023!

Learn how the Value Builder™System and the
Fast Track Program can get you there in half the time!

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